At CARES, we have a lot to be thankful for. And we know you do too.

Please join our Thankful for Campaign by making a donation to CARES to help feed the hungry families in our community and sharing what you are thankful for with us. We will feature your name and message on our thankful for wall for everyone to see.

Then join us at our Thanksgiving Celebration in Monday, Nov. 25 (details to come).

Make an online donation now and receive:
● Your Thankful for message on the wall at CARES
● Sharable “Thank You” message on Facebook
● Silver and above: Listing in the December CARES newsletter
● Family Platter: Up to 5 family members’ Thankful messages on the wall at CARES
● Corporate Platter: Company ad in an upcoming CARES newsletter

Giving Levels
Yellow Plate – $25 – feed one person for one month.
Orange Plate – $50 – peanut butter and jelly for 25 children.
Silver Plate – $100 – fresh eggs for every family for one week.
Gold Plate – $250 – toilet tissue for every family for one month.
Family Platter – $500 – soup for every family for one month.
Corporate Dinner Platter – $1000 – one pound of ground beef for every family for one month.

Donate to the Thankful Campaign here via PayPal.