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It was an amazing week. 40 to 50 youth and adults worked together to transform CARES.

It started with one ladies dream that wrote a grant to Faith in Action. She brought together ten to twelve different faith groups and the vision to improve CARES came true.

The planning team of youth an adults worked for the past few months and came up with projects to do around CARES. They also planned conversions on understanding the difference’s in our faiths but also similarities.

The ball field was refurbished and new benches in the dugouts, the creek was cleaned and lined with rock, benches built for the gazebo, flower beds cleaned up, artwork and murals done for all over the building, the children’s area moved and redone for the kids to enjoy and the new mini grocery was started and will be ready to open after Labor Day.

Thanks Karen Linnell and her dream and writing the Faith in Action grant, to the places of faith that made contributions, to Home Depot, A big thank you to Busch’s for the shelving and grocery counter/checkout stand.

Most of all the the young people and adults that but the greatest gift and that was their hard work and Sweat Equity. It was a week of WOW moments.

We walked away on Friday knowing and understanding each other much better and knowing when you plan, work, and sweat together much can be Accomplished.