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CARES Market – Made Possible by Busch’s Fresh Food Market.

We are the first food pantry to have a grocery store business. Our market is a small store with a big impact. Open to the public and run entirely by our volunteers, offering a wide variety of groceries. We accept Bridge cards, credit /debit cards, and cash. All the profits from the market go back to the Family Pantry.

When products in our Market are close to an expiration date, those products are transferred to the CARES Family Pantry to make available for distribution.  This has allowed us to have less than 1% food waste in our operation.

Where compassion and support flourish

We have virtually eliminated food waste. Our customers love the fact that we are helping support the Family Food Pantry through store operations and through the transfer of products that can no longer be sold in the store.

The Market is also here to help support our Bridge Card Shoppers.  We have an incentive program to stretch their dollars.  We also have a recipe corner to help with ideas on cooking meals.  Stop in the market for more details.

Addressing hunger and building stronger communities

Our small store boasts over 700 items, and we work to make sure that our product mix offers a wonderful variety. Our top-selling products are bread, dairy, frozen food, and fresh produce.

The appeal of a small neighborhood store is excellent for our customers. Many of our customers can walk to the Market, grab what they need, and walk home.

Volunteers that go above and beyond

As word gets around about our Market, we are grateful to see a steady rise in customers. We are able to help the way that we do because our market thrives on the incredible dedication of our volunteers.

These compassionate individuals form the heartbeat of our operation selflessly giving their time and energy to make a positive difference in the lives of others.